Black Studies Minor

The Black Studies minor offers students grounding in the intellectual histories, political movements, cultural expressions, and critical theories of the black diaspora, all while engaging a range of methodologies from across disciplines. Attention to the significance of social justice is a hallmark of the minor. Supported by faculty expertise in Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific, students can explore the globally multi-sited nature of black freedom struggles, both past and present, and examine blackness through a comparative lens.

Through careful advising, students can pursue a set of electives, tailored to their interests, enabling broad or deep exploration of specific histories, geographic regions, and thematic concerns. 

ONE Lower-Division Core Course

  • CRES 68 Approaches to Black Studies - Offered Fall (GE: ER)

CRES 68 provides a diasporic approach to the field of Black Studies in the modern era, with a focus on histories of dispossession and resistance.

FIVE Upper-Division Electives

With a foundation in CRES 68, Approaches to Black Studies (substitutable with CRES 10, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies: An Introduction), students will undertake an additional 25 credits—or five upper-division elective courses—drawn from the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences divisions. Students can select these five electives from a list of pre-approved courses, with no more than three from any one program or department. Courses not appearing on the approved list can be petitioned for credit.

For a list of current year elective offerings, please visit the Tentative Curriculum page.

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