Major Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a major in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, you should emerge with the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:

Critical Frameworks

  • Deep knowledge of historical, contemporary, and intersectional perspectives on race and ethnicity.

  • Familiarity with different disciplinary methods applied to race and ethnicity.

  • A critical perspective on institutional power and knowledge.


  • Ability to account for other people's arguments, to formulate one's own arguments, and to locate both arguments in the larger context of the field.

  • Ability to formulate an argument in alternative media, such as speech, audiovisual, digital, and other forms of non-written communication.

  • Effective writing in the interdisciplinary field.


  • Ability to design and implement a collaborative research project.

  • Ability to design and implement an independent research project.

Community Collaboration, Engagement, and Activism

  • An understanding of the issues, ethics, and methods surrounding activist, collaborative, and community-based research projects

  • An understanding of collaborative knowledge that effectively integrates theoretical and experiential thinking about social justice.