2018 CRES Newsletter

Now in its fifth year, CRES is undergoing a vibrant boom as a program. We welcome seven new principal faculty members, and our major numbers more than doubled last year alone. Learn more!


Nov  14
Winter 2019 Enrollment Opens
Dec  7
Last Day of Fall 2018 Instruction
Dec  14
Fall Quarter Ends
Jan  4
FIrst Day of Winter Classes

Graduate Research Spotlight

Fourth Death of Hansenin
Ka-eul Yoo

Children standing in line apart from their parents.

Hansenin*, or Hansen’s disease (leprosy) patients in South Korea, have historically described themselves as experiencing three deaths. The first death corresponds to their diagnosis, the second to their mandatory autopsy, and the third to their cremation and burial in a designated charnel house on Sorok Island.  Learn more about the fourth death, and Ka-eul's research, here.


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