Declaration of Major or Minor

Campus Declaration Deadlines 2022-23

  • Fall Quarter: October 21
  • Winter Quarter: February 10
  • Spring Quarter: May 5

Declaring CRES

Students who enter UCSC as frosh are required to be formally declared in a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Transfer students must declare their major during their second quarter at UCSC. Each quarter has a declaration deadline by which the major or minor must be declared. Failure to declare by the quarter deadline could result in enrollment holds. 

Students interested in CRES may declare at any time. While specific courses are not required in order to declare, ideally, students will be enrolled in or have completed CRES 10 with a C or better. 

Students should submit a petition to declare as soon as they complete the major qualification courses or reach their declaration deadline quarter, whichever comes first. 

If you have reached your declaration deadline quarter, please complete the Petition for Major/Minor through the MyUCSC eForms. We will follow up with you within seven business days with next steps. In these cases, the department may select one of these options: (1) approve declaration; (2) deny declaration; (3) provide condition of declaration that must be resolved within at most one more quarter.  

Step 1: Declaration Form - Now available in MyUCSC!

Log in to MyUCSC and click on the Undergraduate Student eForms tile > then Petition for Major/Minor.

If you're already logged in to MyUCSC you can also use this direct link Petition for Major/Minor via MyUCSC

Step 2: Email Confirmation and Next Steps

Upon receipt of your petition, we will declare your major and send you an email confirmation and directions for any next steps you must take (if applicable). The email confirmation will be an autogenerated confirmation from MyUCSC:

Declaring Another Major/Minor

To declare a double major or major/minor program, declare your first major (if it's not already declared) using the steps listed above. Once your first major is approved and declared, you can add your second major or minor using same declaration process. However, be sure to let your advisors know that you're planning a double major or major/ minor program! Students are required to file a quarter-by-quarter academic plan demonstrating to your advisors that you are able to complete the program within the maximum number of quarters of enrollment available to you at UCSC. Students who enter as frosh are expected to complete their degree requirements in four years of enrollment (and are allowed a maximum of five years of enrollment), and students who enter as junior transfer students are expected to complete their degree requirements in two years of enrollment (and are allowed a maximum of three years of enrollment). For more information about limits on the number of enrollment terms and credits allowed, see the Catalog.

By the end of your junior year, you should complete the CRES Graduation Checklist and make an appointment to meet with the CRES Peer Advisor (single CRES majors only) or an Undergraduate Advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate by the expected graduation term (EGT) on your student portal. As a reminder, in order to earn your degree, you must complete all of the University's graduation requirementsContact your College Academic Advisor if you have questions about GEs, units, or other university requirements.