Call for a Global General Strike

October 20, 2023

As a department, we are observing the Palestinian-led Global General Strike and will not conduct university business as usual on 10/20/23. We are in full support of the strike to stand against Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza, itself an extension of the ongoing Nakba Palestinians have experienced for over 75 years. As educators, following our colleagues at Birzeit University, we call upon our academic communities to “fulfill their intellectual and academic duty of seeking truth, maintaining a critical distance from state-sponsored propaganda, and to hold the perpetrators of genocide and those complicit with them accountable."

Text of flyer is below.

"10/20 Call for a global GENERAL STRIKE

To all workers and students, to all businesses and to all citizens worldwide:

We call for a global general strike! This strike is a loud signal of our indignation against the genozide in Gaza and the repressive state terror of many Western states against everyone who shows and acts in solidarity with the Palestinians. The Palestinian solidarity movement is systematically harassed and criminalized. Our rights and freedom are being taken away.

This is a call for civil disobedience. 

We call on governments, politicians and political parties, state agencies and the police around the world to immediately stop this repressive actions and stand up for the rights of Palestinians in Palestine and around the world.

We call on all peoples to show solidarity with us and join our global general strike.

To all workers and students: We ask that you take Friday off to participate in the general strike

To all businesses: Do not open on Friday, October 20.

To all citizens: Wear a symbol of international solidarity on this day.

This day is a day of solidarity with Palestinians in Palestine and around the world. 

This day is a day of protest against repressive state terror against Palestinians worldwide.

Solidarity with Palestine!"