May 14: Reflections on Movements and Movement Building

May 11, 2021

The Ruby Crowned Kinglet has a range of all of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, unbound by social boundaries. Art by Janina Larenas (Graduate Coordinator, Literature)

May 14 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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What does it mean to conjure a world without borders, a world without prisons, and a world without the carceral logics that detain and deport? How do we understand the connections and potential coalitions among struggles against policing and prisons, mobilizations against border fortification, and movements to create a more just university such as the COLA strike? This panel explores the abolitionist imperative to eradicate borders—which is fundamentally distinct from imperialist, neoliberal, and liberal humanitarian demands for borderlessness—as one that necessarily brings the prison industrial complex, immigrant detention, border fortification, and labor struggles into the same analytical frame.


  • Nunu Kidane (Priority Africa Network)
  • Nick Mitchell (UCSC)
  • Gave Evans (UCSC, PhD student)
  • Taylor Wondergem (UCSC, PhD student)
  • Ilaria Giglioli (New College of Florida)


Read more about the series on the THI website.