Core and Elective List

The following is a list of courses that have been offered, either currently or in the past, that are approved as electives for the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies B.A. Information on whether a course has pre-requisites of enrollment restrictions is based on information in the 2016-17 General Catalog. This list is intended to pique your interest in the variety of courses offered across campus that allow you to develop an understanding of the ways that scholars have examined race, ethnicity, and related topics from a variety of disciplinary and field-specific perspectives. The transnational requirement is intended for you to develop an understanding of race and ethnicity as global phenomena. This list is not an exhaustive list as new courses become available and other courses are discontinued.

As some of the information on these courses can be out of date, please refer to the General Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, and talk with the CRES advisor to get up-to-date information on whether a specific course is active, what pre-requisites or restrictions may be needed to enroll in the course, and whether a course not on the list may be applicable as an elective. Also included is information on whether a course is approved for fulfilling a general education requirement.